There are people who crack jokes and then there’s James Fridman. He’s been trolling people with their own pictures using his Photoshop magic stick and they always come back for more. Requests are taken a little too literally, narcissistic people are given the burn and yet the man has 902k followers. 

Scroll down below to see why.

1. Results guaranteed.

2. The dream is now real.

3. Could have just Netflixed and chilled.

4. And pet me good.

5. Savage.

6. He got what he wanted.

7. Keeping him at an arm’s length.

8. Simmer and then saute for 2 minutes.

9. Sunburn solutions 101.

10. Fits right in.

11. Coordination is the key.

12. Positively drownded.

13. And he can make sense too.

14. “Oh just headed off for a little skiing after this.”

15. Blending into the background.

16. Practicality.

17. Less awkward… not.

18. Insta scrubber works like a charm.

19. When you been holding it in since that giant pitcher of coke.

20. Corndog stole your thunder.

21. Too close for comfort?

22. Does anyone else notice the Spiderman backpack?

23. I’m sure she was grateful.

24. “Darling is that a teletubby in our room?”

25. Done and done.

I’m still laughing.

All images sourced from Twitter.