PUBG came, PUBG saw and PUBG conquered — Our hearts, our phones, our lives. Right from the Prime Minister mentioning it in his speeches to people getting divorced over it, this game is the wildest sensation there is now.

So, this guy did what every Indian wants to do with everything we like — He ‘Indianised’ it. How you may ask?

Instagrammer, Musthaiz Ahmed hilariously added Indian elements to scenes from the game and he couldn’t have done a better job. Have a look for yourself!

Thank God there are no traffic cops in PUBG.

And no Bajrang Dal either.

Yahaan lagta hai achhi guns milegi.

“Get to the safe zone! There are people peeing over here.”

“Is that blood? Did someone get shot?”

“Oh, it’s just someone spitting pan.”

Run for your life.

Bhayya, Pochinki chaloge?

We need an Indian version of PUBG!!!

You can check out the entire post here.