Bees are some of the most important creatures in the world. Without them, life would simply cease to exist on this planet. We should absolutely be grateful for their existence and the work they do. 

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That being said, it’s probably a bad idea to hold one in the palms of your hand. You know, the whole stingy thing; yeah, that really hurts. But this dude had some other ideas. 

He’s transporting an entire hive of bees on his hands. And they don’t sting him. See for yourself. 

Guy transports a bees colony by carrying the queen is his fist; the rest of the bees crowd around where their queen is. from r/nextfuckinglevel

Now, if you’re perplexed by how he’s achieved something like this, well, it’s because he literally has the hive’s queen in the palm of his hands. 


When asked about how he’s achieved this feat, the beekeeper simply says, ‘They know their owner’. 


Obviously, this got quite a bit of response on Reddit!

Now, this is some mad genius stuff! Now, before you go ahead and think how cool this is, please don’t try this at home or elsewhere. That dude’s a badass but you’re gonna get really hurt.