Once again, it’s the scary night of Halloween and not much is scarier than failing miserably in your pursuit of scary/funny/creative when making yourself a costume. And yet there are plenty of Halloween costume fails out there because the amazing world wide web never does disappoint.

Here are 23 of the most ridiculous Halloween costume fails to serve as your ‘don’ts’ list on this scary night of dressing up.


1. Don’t let your costume be the physical manifestation of your lack of contact with the opposite sex.


2. What was this man going for, really? Why is shitty or pissy pants a costume at ALL?!


3. I bet this costume came with a Chewy top as well, but this guy was clearly born with one on, so fuck the police.


4. Is he Tigger? Is he Spiderman? Who knows! All I know is this is a legit scary costume, for a whole other set of reasons.


5. I call this one ‘if Batman were a paedophile’.


6. I’m not even sure if this was a costume. This may just have been a Tuesday afternoon for Greg here. That’s the kind of fear Greg wants to strike in your hearts.


7. Yep. A man who fucks whatever he wants… and he does it with a creepy smile. If that ain’t scary, I don’t know what is.


8. He dressed up as a stripper pole. Except he’s probably not in for as much grinding by the ladies. Or by anyone, for that matter.


9. Most tasteful costume of the year goes to…


10. Oh and speaking of tasteful. Here’s some classy racism. They call it the ‘King Dong’.


11. Parenting 101: Dress your kid up as something you’d take a shit on. Y’know, to prepare them for life and such.


12. Not making a fuss about your costume is one thing and giving up on life altogether is another.


13. Ooh, irresistible. I’m sure this guy will be ‘Destination Ladies’ tonight. Not.


14. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy. His costume literally is, ‘Having A Girlfriend’.


15. When you want to make your kid a Halloween costume, but also have an inside joke with your wife about the night he was conceived.

If You Only News

16. Try this if you feel like saving the world from Ebola, but don’t feel like compromising on sexiness in the process.


17. Ah, the Trans Barbie. Giving the trans people an unrealistic body image. And scarring them for life.


18. Breadface. He had an idea and he just went with it. Respect, I guess..?


19. I… Nope. I can’t. I never thought I’d say this, but I literally can’t even.

Stay At Home Mum

20. When you have your heart set on being kick-boxing turtles but you’re on a budget.

Sad And Useless

21. You can already tell. This man’s fed up with the bad reception. And with life.


22. Terrorise the world and look fabulous while you do it! Here’s the Sexy Osama Costume!


23. This is the image I have chosen to leave you with. Let this be burnt into your memory and haunt your dreams.


While we recommend that you all stay away from such cringe-inducing hilarity tonight, deep down we all know that these awkward costumes are the real reason Halloween is so much fun.