Remember those times when we all used to watch Harry Potter in Hindi? Now, remember how weird it was. Well… It had to be because the entire translation was all wrong because the characters had a lot more to say. 

So, an IG page called aapkokoinahibachasakta is honestly telling us desis everything that Taimur (Harry Potter), Arijit Singh (Severus Snape), Didi (Hermione Granger), Lokprakash chacha (Remus Lupin) and Devdutt (Albus Dumbledore) wanted to actually talk about. Trust us, it changes everything. 

Taimur, please! You couldn’t have passed even the 1st semester without didi, leave alone graduating. 

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Don’t you understand? Arijit uncle hates you cuz he loves you, Taimur. 

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yaar arijit yaar🥺😭

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Can someone please tell Devdutt that he’s being played? 

Excuse you! Taimur ki pohoch bohot upar tak hai. Usse panga mat hi lo varna he can complain to ‘you know who.’

If all this while you thought Arijit uncle was good for nothing, there’s a lot of zeher that might come your way. 

Hello Taimur, even though he cares for you, dhobi too has his limits. Back off!

Ain’t no one with a better comeback than our very own muggle didi. Got it? 

Sab bhago, Taimur is in the mood to take Arijit uncle’s case. 

Lokprakash chacha knows when to tell the truth without sugarcoating it. You gotta live with it, Taimur. 

OMG Ron! Didi was just trying to teach you something. Can you stop being so rude? 

Ab isse aapko kon bachaega?