There was a wonderful innocent time in your childhood when you felt knowledge was a beautiful thing and you were ready to absorb every ounce of information out there. Then you met Physics. And your world turned upside down. The entire world loved Physics. The equations, the laws, the hypotheses, and everything about it. To the rest, Physics was the key to unlocking the beauty of the world. But for you, it was always a tad too complicated. To the point where you just couldn’t stand Physics anymore.  Here are 10 signs you hated physics when you were in school.

1. The difficulty level of your ‘physics syllabus’ went from ‘easy’ to ‘OMFG’ the moment you got into 11th standard.

2. You didn’t get nightmares about ghosts and demons. Your nightmares had all kinds of physics equations haunting you!

3. You always dreamt of becoming an engineer until you realized you can’t do it without understanding physics!

4. Because of things like this.

5. If your regular teacher was X then your physics teacher was 20 X scarier!

6. You started feeling high level of hostility towards Archimedes, Bernoulli, Snell, Joule and the gang and wish you could go back in time and stop them from making all those crazy laws!

7. You were always under the impression physics was a separate subject, but then you realized physics is maths on steroids!

8. No matter how hard you studied, the physics question paper always looked like alien codes & symbols to you.

9. You managed to score high for every subject but your total always got screwed by your physics marks!

10. And it was probably because you mostly did this in Physics classes.

You might have hated Physics in School, but here is a show from National Geographic Channel that’ll make you fall in love with it.

Because every stupid action has an equal and opposite scientific reaction. Time to get smart!

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