Remember the grief-stricken, heartbroken kid who snapchatted his miseries away, but the internet ironically, laughed out loud? He has returned, this time, with ‘punnier’ responses and a cheekier smile. The heartbroken kid, as the internet now knows him, or Azamuddin Mohammed, inspired from the already famous, All These Memes, takes ordinary subjects and relates them to his ‘imaginary’ lover and obviously, snapchats away. While in his earlier snapchats, he was nursing a heartbreak, this time, it seems, he has moved on, rather quick. 

Just read them for a good laugh. 

Turns out he did not suffer an actual breakup and did this for fun. But we do hope he has the same epic response to life and its mundane problems, like his hilarious snapchats. 

You can check out more of his funny snapchats on The Sarcastic Indian.