A uterus has always been associated with other things apart from being an organ. And here are a few things we need to clarify. PSA: These notions, ideas and opinions do not belong in my uterus. 

1. My family’s honour

A woman’s uterus is not responsible for the honour of her family. It’s a part of her body, an extension of herself and nothing more. 

2. Sanskaar and parampara 

For years, society has assumed that what you do with your uterus is directly related to how ‘sanskaari’ you are. Sorry to burst your bubble, but get your nose out of other people’s vagina. 

3. My identity as a woman

Not all people with a uterus / vagina identify as women and not all women have uteruses / vaginas. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. 

4. Your patriarchal society’s demands for children

Repeat after me, my body, my choice. The uterus wasn’t made just to have babies and bring forth your ‘waris‘. It is much more than just a reproductive organ. 

5. Any semblance to religion 

What I choose to do with my uterus is not in any way related to my religion. No matter what the bigots say. 

6. Your view of my worth

Slut, whore, easy, loose and other terms of endearment do not and will never be scales to measure my true worth. You think how many people a woman has had sex with is directly proportionate to how smart, confident, amazing and brilliant she is? Then you are most definitely wrong.

7. The makeshift concept of virginity

Virginity is a social construct. When you have sex you don’t ‘loose anything’. It is just another way for society to oppress women. 

8. Certification of how I was raised

Mummy papa ne yehi sikhaya hain?” Yes, my parents taught me that I have full control over my body and I can say no to people who make me uncomfortable.