Each of us has engaged in a number of foolish acts that we prefer not to acknowledge in public. In reality, we frequently engage in these activities publicly, which puts us in an awkward situation. We’ve all probably struggled with using a hotel’s posh bathroom, forgetting what needs to be done as soon as we get to the room, or losing track of where we parked our cars.

And truth be told, times like these often cause you to doubt your intelligence. One would think that they are genuinely so forgetful to act in such a way.

A Twitter discussion reveals, however, that even the most highly educated individuals and brilliant professionals occasionally make unwise decisions.

It began with a Ph.D. holder who decided to check if a bottle of super glue was open, squirted some into his hand, and then cleaned it by wiping it on a box. Now that move encouraged other highly educated folks to list the silliest things they have done.

This makes me feel a little smarter.