Deep down, all Indians are salesmen. We seem to have an inherent talent for selling things. So, when we get a chance to sell stuff on the internet, the in-born salesman comes alive and we end up posting the most hilarious ads ever. While some of these ads are pure genius, there are others that will make you question your own sales degrees. Here is an assortment of some of the most hilarious OLX ads that could give you a crash course in salesmanship:

1. Does the DJ come free?

2.This toy is a hole new level of fun!

3. Looks can kill. I’m scared.

4. That is one priceless dog.

5. A battery operated bike that comes with a free mini rider.

6. An age specific tricycle.

7. If you want to buy this you better ‘apolo’ soon.

8. Hello, this is Bob The Builder.

9. Remember Chucky from Child’s Play?

10. Just too sexy.

11. Who wants to play Police Police?

12. I was looking for a phone cover. This seems perfect!

13. This wild west proves that ‘beauty lies within!’

14. Looks like ACP Pradyuman is also selling his stuff on OLX.

15. Wow, that’s a remarkably young grandfather!

16. So much confuse!

17. How about a love pone instead?

And while we’re still on the topic, does anybody want to buy my headache?