Let’s take a walk and let the signs do all the talking?

Running through life, one schedule at a time, there’s very little time for us to stop and stare. No wonder then that anyone who wants to grab our attention has to go the extra mile and come up with something truly funny to get our attention. Especially when there’s way too much to choose from. 

And considering there are restaurants and bars galore everywhere, they’ve got to be really witty to make us take notice. 

Take for instance, the hilarious chalkboards placed outside most places. They’re funny and witty and meant to catch your attention. Because the only way to get you to enter the place is to make you laugh a little! 

Here are some brilliantly-funny chalkboard signs that’ll certainly make you stop and stare: 

1. Solving almost everything, right?

2.  Admit it, now!

3. The unrealized ultimate truth.


4. We’ll believe you!


5. That’s worth a shot! 


6. Maths game on point!

7. “May be” never works. 


8. We no poets either!


9. Let’s test our Karma. 

 10. What more could you ask for?


11. Well… okay! 


12. Food>Fitness 


13. I love ‘a lot’!

14. I’d prefer the latter. 

15. Worth the risk!


16. Yes, PLEASE!


 17.  This one is really trippy!


So, where are you heading tonight?