Christmas is here!

So set aside your Christmas pudding, lest you drop it, because here are some of the funniest Christmas tweets ever! 

1. Can we use Christmas spirit as an excuse for not working throughout the year?

2. Christmas gifting takes a ‘lethal’ turn.

3. Even Santa can’t figure Taylor Swift out, what chance do mere mortals have?

4. Once a year is more than enough!

5. Santa – the original Tinder!

6. When you’re jealous of Sleeping beauty!

7. Yes Mom you can select multiple photos and share on WhatsApp. 

8. It’s all political!

9. Everyone open presents already!

10. The movie on my life is titled ‘Crying’

11. You should have stuck to the notes Matt

 12. This is what getting into the Christmas spirit actually means!

13. Even Jadoo couldn’t fix that!

14. Jesus would never have turned water to wine if he didn’t want us to drink it!

15. No baby it’s not that cold where the elves work!

16. He is Santa not the Dean!

17. Fair trials are the fairy stories of the twenty first century

18. Learning it early!

19. Not another candy cane song!

20. Oh Adam, not again!

21. Just because it’s Christmas does not mean there can be litter

22. My ATM PIN I forget, but not that conversation!

23. Worth it every single time!

24. Just existential crisis, nothing more

25. Oops!

26. Make me believe in Christmas miracles again!

27. Can there be a thing as too simple?

28. I will not be sharing my chocolate fudge pudding Grandma!

 29. Cats will soon over take over the world and turn it into the Planet Of Claws!

Guess this is what happens when you sip a little too much of your mulled wine!