Adult life can be difficult but it is also a lot of fun. There are times you think ‘wait, I did not sign up for this’ and then there are times you’re like ‘okay, this isn’t bad after all’. Going to college – graduating – getting a job – dating – breaking up: Life suddenly becomes a lot more eventful and you soon realize this is how this journey is going to be.

Depicting this roller coster of emotions through hilarious comics, is artist Shelby Miller, AKA Shubbabang from Florida. Her comics are inspired from daily things and her struggle with anxiety and being an adult. Here are 30 of her illustrations you will love if you’re going through the same.

1. Me: *Picks phone literally for one second*. 


Me: But…

2. Who would have thought ordering food will become so anxiety inducing?

 3. Puns, ‘of corpse’! 

 4. New year, same problems.

5. Dogs>Kids. Always.

 6. Sometimes there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

 7. Some heat, please?

 8. Remembers that one embarrassing incident from class 6. *Stays awake whole night*.

9. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

10. My stress gives me stress.

11. Cats are queens. They do what they want to.

12. Googles how to sleep easily and stays awake all night.

 13. How the fuck do you relax?

14. Wish I were as easy with myself as I am with others.

15. Swimming in the ocean of responsibilities is not fun at all.

16. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Nobody else does. 

17. Family is important, but so is ZARA sale. 

18. Oh, there is a certain way of sitting?

 19. No interaction with people. Great!

20. Can’t believe 2000 was almost two decades back.

21. I only run towards conclusions. Very fast.

 22. Even my reflections have lost hope.

23. But it was worth trying!

24. My T-shirt is not an invitation for you to start bragging your knowledge.

25. Hey, kitty. Why you ignorin?

 26. Me showering heart reacts on just about anything my friend posts.

27. Taxes will chase you down.

28. The good boy title is mine.

29. The cycle of fear. 

30. Why do cats not respond to our love?

From reluctance towards growing up to figuring out there’s isn’t any other option, these comics capture the entire range of emotions perfectly.

H/T: Bored Panda.