If it’s been a rather dull day for you so far, we promise it’s not going to be the same after you read these hilarious reviews of a Banana Slicer being sold on Amazon. The phenomenally innovative device with great utility became the talk of town after it attracted attention of some creative minds on the online retail website. And then began a trail of hilarious reviews, mocking the slicer for its very existence!

Thanks to the efficient device for simplifying one of the greatest challenges in life, that of slicing a banana, its popularity quickly escalated.  

Here are some of the most hilarious reviews that people posted: 

This reviewer was grateful on behalf of everyone who faced the hardship of slicing a fruit as difficult as a banana. 

Finally, it’s possible to eat evenly sliced bananas. This guy’s joy knew no bounds.

For this one, it was a multi-utility tool disguised as a banana slicer!

A sigh of relief!

This one looked like a naive user. 

Whatever. The slicer rocks.

And finally, the slicer even got the Batman to speak.

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*BRB. Going to buy this super-amazing slicer right away!*