Remember the days of SMS? When you actually had to spend serious money to send messages to people. Those were the days of hard labour! But thankfully WhatsApp came into existence and all those troubles became history.

But since Indians cannot have too much of a good thing, so did family WhatsApp groups and ridiculous WhatsApp forwards and fake news among other things.

1. In case you fell for this, earthquakes are one of many natural phenomena that cannot be predicted.


2. Block anyone who sends these to you. You might think that they need help but they are beyond repair.


3. You have probably seen this a million times. But just to make sure, it’s not true. NASA did not take that picture. Neither did anybody else.


4. The only thing a lot of Cadbury could possibly give you is happiness and diabetes. 


5. Don’t tell us that you actually believed that!


6. We hope you didn’t send it to 10 people or just one for the sake of common sense.


7. Oh the good ol’ UNESCO declared our national anthem the best!


8. Last we checked, Zuckerberg doesn’t really care about it.

Indian Express

9. Didn’t do it and still using WhatsApp for free.

David Dror

10. You tap on the group’s name and then scroll down till you see exit & then just do it Goddammit!


11. Sonia Gandhi never disowned Rahul & no there is no such virus in place. What you need to do is block the fuckers who send these texts.

Boom Live

12. Such Propaganda. Much Wow.


13. Cancer Prevention 101.

14. Wait for it…

15. Who the fuck writes these things?

16. If you fell for this, you don’t deserve to have WhatsApp.


17. Remember, whenever the government issues any such warning, they will not write ‘r’ instead of ‘are’.


18. At this point, the only question is WHY!

Deccan Chronicle

19. Please remove yourself from civilisation.


20. All you can do is send messages and call people, man! Normal WhatsApp does that too.

Truth or Fiction

Some people should not be allowed into civilisation. These are those fuckers!