It goes without saying that parenthood changes you a lot. Because there is a new person that you have made and that person has to be given all your time and attention. To trace this change, illustrator Chen Weng decided to make drawings that show her husband’s journey as a father.

 Here are some of them.

1. A dad is only as relaxed as his least relaxed child.

2. How is that for keeping your car spotless all the time?

3. How is daddy going to say no if the little ones want to see him with painted toenails?

4. Kids in the morning: Attaackkk.

5. Children and privacy are not a great combination.

6. Birthdays surely do change after you become a parent.

7. A good dad remembers all the characters from Frozen.

8. Everything starts from the kids’ section. And often ends on it as well.

9. Aren’t dads the best?

10. Dads do get excited about the most random things.

Fathers are the best, aren’t they?

All images are taken from Chen’s website, here.