Have you ever been really hungry but the moment you took a bite, the taste of that meal killed your hunger instantly?

 1. This little Smurf just got mummified!


2. On behalf of the chef, I’d like to ask, “Is it too late now to say sorry?”

Nők a pultnál

3. How to burn calories in a few minutes?

Stress Buster

4. Taking dead baby jokes to a new level…

aunty acid

5. You vs the guy she asked you not to worry about


6. When your Pokemon Go challenge leads you to a liquor store.

Mail Online

7. When taking things out of context gets way too real!


8. When Shrek and Tinkerbell decided to have a baby.


9. When you’ve been single for too long and have been asked to cook for couples.


10. When even the omelette you made is going through an existential crisis.


11. When it’s Christmas but you’re still not over Halloween


12. When you’re so broke that it reflects upon everything you try doing.


13. Well, this guy literally “nailed it”!

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14. I guess the “force” was not with him.


15. Slice of life aukaat anusaar

Ground Zero

16. When you’ve been on a dry spell for too long.


17. Just gonna stand there and watch me burn


18. Not all cups can handle the flow



19. How to piss off a Japanese chef – Step 1.

The Star


If you still underestimate your cooking skills, let this be a reminder of how much better you can be.