Jackasses who don’t completely understand parking etiquette are a dime a dozen. I mean, there rarely is a public parking space where you don’t find at least one of these serial offenders. In fact, here is a compilation of some of the most clever notes these quirky patrons around the world left for the bane of the parking universe, that you can use the next time someone messes with your spot. 

These are the most clever hateful tongue-in-cheek notes that you can use the next time someone parks like an asshole. 

1. The man has a point.

2. I’m thinking this went a little too far.

3. Oh, that illustration.

4. Just so that they get it right.

5. LOL. Just, LOL.

6. Ouch. Now, that was below the belt.

7. Someone’s going to stop parking the wrong way now.

8. It sure is.

9. Someone’s Christmas is going to suck.

10. That threat!

11. Grumpy cat’s the best make-your-point meme cat.

12. Some people need help.

13. The best one out of the lot.

14. Simple and to the point. 

15. Jesus to the rescue.


Man, I’m going to use some of these.

Masthead Source: dpccars.com, Feature Image Source: thepoke.co.uk