No matter how well you know the country, India never ceases to fascinate you. And the people here are as fascinating as the country. We hate mainstream. We like to live life on the wild side.

As proven by these photos by Funny Indian Pics. Check ’em out and be proud.

1. No ‘garbege’ here. Got it, you ‘stupid persons’?

2. No wonder she’s always online.

3. Aaj kuch toofani karte hain!

4. “I still remember how uncle Ben used to bring coal for my hookah. I miss him!”

5. Trust me. I’m an engineer.

6. “Don’t tell me your dog ate your homework!”. “No, my cow did.”

7. Amma mere dil mein hai. Literally!

8. Ramesh! Suresh!

9. That moment when your entire family is in demand.

10. Saathi pair badhana.

11. The original khatron ka khiladi.

12. That moment when there’s a flood but you have a date in 30 minutes.

13. Feeling blessed- with God and 11 others.

14. Don Corleone approves.

15. Because fuck Google Glass.

Desi us rollin’. They hatin’.