Sometimes we just want to be alone. Actually, this sometimes means all the time for people like me who are asocial.

This is simply because this is our way of living and nobody can help it. If you are one of those, you’ll relate hard to these posters.

Attending weddings is a nightmare for us.

And avoiding neighbours is our favourite pastime.

We guarantee boredom to people who choose to be with us.

And the only person who knows us at workplace is the HR. Kyunki usne hire kiya tha.

The only thing we fear is making contact with people. Humare liye darr ke aage contact hai.

We take pride in avoiding conversations…

… and speaking as less as possible.

Also, we trust Truecaller more than anybody else.

We love our ‘me’ time and public gatherings mean ‘public minus us’.

Ab jab itna asocial hai to call toh koi karta nahi hoga, naturally.

Now if you are thinking our life is shit, we don’t give a shit.

Design Credits: Aprajita Mishra