Me: Which game should I play tonight?
Also me, 30 minutes later: *still confused*
From having to decide which game to play to dying endlessly in one stage, the world of gaming has its own set of problems. 
And, if you too are a hardcore gamer, I am sure you’ve also had your own set of struggles to overcome while gaming.

On that note, here are some hilarious tweets on gaming problems that you’ll be able to relate to if gaming is your passion. 

1. When there is a lag in the video but you still want to play…

2. Yes! We all can relate to this. 

3. This is what GTA would look like in real-life.

4. Just the way it is.

5. Totally relatable. 

6. When you have more than what you can handle…

7. In such situations, tossing a coin can help. 

8. Only a true gamer will relate to this.

9. Been there. Done that. 

10. We feel you bro!

11. It’s irritating as hell. 

12. When gaming addiction hits you hard…

13. Hahaha…true that. 

14. When you’ve waited more than required…

15. Just can’t help it!

16. All gamers hate it.

17. Ditch the itch. 

18. To play or not to play?

19. When gaming is your life…

20. When you buy games just to add them to your collection…


22. A headset dent is cool though. 

23. When you are not satisfied with what you already have…

24. Sad life!

25. When the wait is lonnggg….

26. Maybe because you were exhausted the previous night?

27. When you have to play the game again, from scratch…

28. Mom, this is clearly not the right time!

29. It’s hard not to think about it.

30. Someone please clear the doubt.