If there was an exchange offer for relatives I’d be the first one lining up to redeem it ASAP! 

From agony aunts to cheek-pulling uncles, here are at least 20 ways we’ve had to deal with them on a semi-regular basis. 

1. Bhaago

2. Yahaan to chod do.

3. Then they enjoy asking the most difficult question.

4. The only reason we like them.

5. Sensitive topics you know.

6. Oh Teri!

7. Hello aunty, ye lo mummy se baat karo.

8. This is what you get for telling the truth.

9. Laga di na aag?

10. Aur kuch sunoge?

11. After all it’s their favourite pastime.

12. Mah life, mah rules!

13. Who the hell this alien is?

14. I wish I could fly away.

15. Ghor Apraadh.

16. Dear relatives I just found your nose in my business.

17. Ah! that fake smile.

18. Woh yaadein.

19. Nahi karni shaadi abhi.

20. Am I the only one around here?

Pyaar se darr nahi lagta sahab, rishtedaaro se lagta hai!