From a political leader to an upcoming comic, and even the inconsequential troll – everyone who is anyone is on Twitter. So it makes complete sense for the original leader of sin to have an account too, right? 

Yes, we are talking about Satan – the owner of Hell – all like all things bad, he too is on Twitter! 

A parody account of Satan tweets some of the most insanely funny things that are bound to make you even more tempted to indulge in a single act of sin…. or a few hundred!

Check these out for yourself:

1. Always be a legend in whatever you do! 

2. Because vanity is only a sin if you’re ugly, and looking good is important. 

3. And what is life, if not one big party?

4. Why beat them when you can join them?

5. Stop with the blame game already! 

6. Because only your mother would want to see you every day, or would she?

7. Give Satan a break!

8. There’s never a dull moment in the Devil’s world!

9. Come One, Come All – No qualifications necessary

10. Let’s re-read our history, shall we?

11. I like big naps and I can not lie!!

12. Apple are you listening?

13. Because strength lies in equality.

14. Dogs over humans, always and forever.

15. Because cheese is bae!

16. Because debauchery is divine!

17. Nothing lasts forever….

18. Akele hai to kya gam hai?

19. At least do something right!

20. Be proud of your choices!

21. Why the bad PR people?

22. And PETA announces it’s new ambassador!

23. I love my body, curves, handles and all.

24. Who needs judgement when you have jell-o shots!

25. Love your rivals, nothing tortures them more.

26. It’s now or never!

27. Stick to what you do best.

28. And they can’t all be wrong!

 29. Well do you?

 So let’s be bad today!