Work from home was supposed to be a cake walk, right? We always dreamed about it. But a few days into it, a lot of us have realised it isn’t as easy as we thought.

Well, some people certainly have. Have a look.

1. The boss who turned herself into a potato using filters and didn’t know how to fix it.

She later graciously admitted it too.

2. This man who messed up the video settings and went on with his business without a care in the world.

3. The woman whose father decided to walk in shirtless while she was recording a video.

4. Possibly the most unfortunate, though, was this person who forgot to turn of the video as she went for toilet during a full fledged skype meeting.

5. The cat, unimpressed with work getting all the attention.

6. Another cat, so angry about the wires, it chewed them all.

7. The newscaster trying to do a Facebook Live but failing because of his 5-year-old kid.

8. This woman whose doggo was taken aback by the sudden human presence in the house and wouldn’t stop staring.

9. Lastly, the video call which got ruined because someone’s boyfriend (presumably) decided to walk in, in their underwear.

But at least work from home allows you to take naps in between!