Snapchat is a place where you share your happy moments with your friends and other strangers. But, with time the app is being used for a lot more than that. Anything eventful across the day is being posted on Snapchat. Happy, sad, funny, FML moments, anything and everything.

So, the folks at Boredpanda compiled a list of Snapchats fails that will make you laugh but also fear for going to hell for the same. Here are some of the best ones for you.

Where’s PETA when you need them?

There are bad days and then there is this.

Some people have the opposite of a Midas touch.

When you are in a hurry to dry off your clothes.

“Billy, put some soap in the washing machine.”

“How much?”

“I think you are old enough to know that.”

Dad of the year transformed quickly into Miley Cyrus.

They have clarity of what they want from their relationship, or do they?

Just a trampoline jumping on a tree.

Well, this is just sad.

When you always wanted a pet fish but ended up buying a dog.

Eggcelent just eggcellent.

When you turn up high at work.

Always check the flash and camera sound before doing anything creepy. Is this too hard to remember?

You are not alone, girl. You are not alone.

Always happens when you are hungry and desperately waiting for your order to come.

Looks like last night’s party was really wild.

That escalated quickly.

“Saala, Snapchat kyu kiya zaror kisi ne nazar laga di hogi.”


It’s 2016, break the Internet, not the fuckin TV. 

This cat looks a lot like humans.

So what if he’s not a genius, he is a jenius.

When you are already running late for office.

What is the procedure of taking someone’s driving license back?

Oh yuck?

“Honey, the plug….”


At least it’s not matching with any other girl.

With the ridiculous updates in the iPhone models, you can’t really blame your mom.

“Dad, I want to visit the Anal Museum.”

“Jimmy. you are grounded.”


#Beach #SunKissed #Rain #OhWaitItsNotRaining #FML

“Why you do dis hooman?”

When you are a construction worker but your older sibling is still a dick to you.

Join Tinder, mate.

“Ahh, worth it.”

Australian hackers are the sweetest. Also, looks like this is exactly how Rahul Gandhi was hacked.

You know there is something fishy when you get an iPhone for 1 dollar. 

Salman Khan chilling after a long drive.

The man who pissed glasses.

Happens to the best of us.

We hope you are having a nice day.