It’s beginning to look more and more everyday like the US of A may soon see their first female president. And while it’s imperative that we get to know the woman that could lead the most powerful country in the world, it would be inexcusable to not make light at her expense. I mean, if Clinton’s going to step into Obama’s shoes, she better be able to laugh at herself, amirite?!

In that spirit, we’ve gathered up some of Hillary Clinton’s funniest GIFs and found that they’d actually make for the best reactions to these everyday situations.

1. When someone asks you if your crush is seeing someone right now.

USA Today

2. When you and a person you’ve just met bond over your mutual hatred of this other absolute jerk.


3. When you’ve already had six beers and your neighbour shows up at your door and starts to make small talk.

Washington Free Beacon

4. When someone tries to mess with you and you shut them the ‘eff’ down.

Pop Key

5. At the end of motivational pep talks you give yourself in the mirror.


6. When you walk into the party with swag flowing out your butt.

Women’s Health

7. And everyone there knows it!


8. When your mom asks you why your room smells like smoke.

Washington Post

9. And when mum actually finds your stash.

Scenes Of Reason

10. When you’re hungover, at an early morning lecture and massively stoned.


11. And when you sit together and make fun of the lecturer after class, ’cause you still high as a kite.

Make A Gif

12. When someone asks you if you’re still in touch with your ridiculous ex from college.

Hillary For America

13. ‘Cause you know the truth about them.

Perez Hilton

14. When you’re in an argument and listening to the other person speak and you already know you’re going to destroy them.

Americans For Tax Reform

15. And while you make that awesome, world-shattering point.

Perez Hilton

16. You after you’ve won that argument in every way possible.


17. When you’re trying to hold a grown-up conversation and your jam suddenly comes on.

587 Board

18. When someone asks you for the 20,487th time when you’re getting married.

Hello Giggles

19. You when someone asks if you’d like a glass of wine.


20. When the acid finally hits.


21. When someone randomly says, “Donald Trump might be the next POTUS!”

What Counts

Thank you for the laughs, thank you for the patience, and thank you for being the world’s alternative to Donald Trump! Good luck for November 8th, Secretary Clinton!

Masthead source: Business Insider, Feature source: NY Times