Do you attach sentimental value to all of your old chords, gift-wrapping paper, clothes, stationary, and just about anything that should’ve been discarded 5 years ago? Congratulations you might be a borderline hoarder. Please go these relatabe memes and throw some stuff for the sake of humanity.

1. I love my stuff too much.

2. Travelling light is not what I do.

3. I need everything, mom. What do you know?

4. Still a warehouse. But a neat one.

5. Because “just in case”.

6. Hey, old things. Once you’re in my house, you can never leave.

7. My wardrobe legit hates me.

8. I wish I could remember what’s at the bottom of my junk drawer.

9. Supermarkets are the bane of my existence.

10. Goodbye, lip-balm. I loved you till 2017 even though your best before said 2015 was the cutoff.

11. Must. Take. Everything. Home.

12. Ek din kaam aayega.

13. Throwing is my enemy.

14. Leave no one… ahem… nothing behind.


Design credits: Lucky Mehndiratta