Everybody digs Tom Hardy – what’s not to like? He’s a great actor, he’s a general badass, he played the Kray twins to perfection, he’s even visually pleasing…


… kind of

But, as Twitter user Frank Pallota recently pointed out, there seems to be some kind of conspiracy to hide the man’s face.

So why does Hollywood have such a problem with his face?!

And why the fuck do they keep changing his voice?!

Think about it, they try and cover up as much of his glorious mug as possible in every damn movie.

The Dark Knight Rises – his face was hidden by that breathing apparatus and fine, that’s in the comics. But that voice sounded like a Scottish teenager on Xanax.

Mad Max: Fury Road – he’s not just strapped to the front of a car, he’s also got a completely pointless metal mask on his face. 

I mean c’mon, that’s not going to stop him from biting anything (looks cool though).

I mean by this point he might as well just become an eye model, because that’s all we seem to see of him. I’m sure Bausch & Lomb would love him.

By the time Dunkirk came along, Nolan was literally playing with us (and Hardy’s feelings). Unfortunately, you couldn’t really tell what Hardy was feeling because HIS ENTIRE FACE WAS COVERED.

And now we’ve got the new Venom movie coming out, everything looks great, but goddammit, they pulled the curtain on his face again!

It’s not just the fact that they covered his face, they also gave him a Boston accent that just sounds… unholy.

The worst part is, he’s a good looking guy! Women are into him, men want to be him, Venom literally IS him. So why, Hollywood? Why won’t you let Tom’s face run wild and free, like a silken steed in the summer breeze? We need answers.    

At the end of the day though, it’s been a consistent and extremely impressive display of the man’s acting chops. To be able to express so much while constrained to increasingly smaller masks is no mean feat. In fact, it’s pretty goddamn hard(y).