The roads are full of idiots. And some of those ideas drive around in their cars with one hand permanently glued to their horns. I’m not even kidding. When these precocious street maestros fire up their instruments for no reason in heavy traffic, you start wishing that Sunny Deol would introduce them to his “Dhai Kilo Ka Haath.” But all you can do is sit in your seat and seethe with anger. Like this;

1. As soon as someone honks for no reason, you immediately go “Maa-Behen” on him.

2. Why would you blow your horn at a red light?

3. This is what you want to do when you’re stuck in traffic and someone just won’t stop honking.

4. You want to get down and do this to them.

5. And this.

6. But you can’t. So you’re all like this;

7. But one day, you know a random asshole will go too far and you will lose it.

8. And you’re afraid of ending up like this.

9. Sometimes, your friends hold you back.

10. But one day, this will happen