Horror is subjective. It’s based on perspective. What’s funny for you might just give somebody else a stroke. Here, we present to you some really casual statements that strike terror when catered to their specific audience. Here we are defining horror for different people. Read on to realize your worst fucking nightmare! OK, it’s not really that bad, but read on…

Horror Is:

1. Meeting your kid after 10 years, only to hear them say:

2. Watching your girlfriend as these words come out of her mouth:

3. Reaching your nearest wine shop, drenched and exhausted, only to hear the shopkeeper go:

4. Planning a big weekend party before your Bai goes:

5. Listen to your Human, plot this for Diwali:

6. Being Mister India when your home boy says:

7. Screwing up the whole semester before your school surprises you with:

8. Creating a whole list of seasons to download, but:

9. For Hrithik Roshan to go shopping and the salesman trolling him with:

10. Buying VIP box tickets for a cricket match but the last minute changes read:

11. Going home to your boyfriend only to be shocked with:

12. Performing stand-up comedy when the chief guest says:

13. Meeting up with your Punjabi friends with all kinds of whiskey blends, when someone declares:

14. Your friend promising you brilliant porn, and then uttering:

15. Bringing home steak/mutton and your cook throwing you off with:

16. Composing a genius piece, then realizing that:

17. First day teaching the primary section, and the kids go:

18. Waking up to your entrepreneurial life everyday with some friend blabbering:

19. Imagine a beggar getting ready to began his day and then he hears this news:

20. Going for a TV interview when one of your ‘ chamchas’ breaks this to you:

21. Finally finding a nice pair of jeans and the salesman shouts:

22. Being a midget in a group of giants going:

23. Someone calling your clinic to let you know that:

24. Having just got your hair done when your friend exclaims:

25. Being the arts student when your nerd brother goes:

If there’s something really ordinary that scares the extra ordinary shit out of you, we want to hear it from you.