On some days, Twitter gets so funny and confusing that, we cannot help but laugh out loud. Today, it’s about the left vs. right brain test being shared on Twitter.

A drawing went viral, where the left-brained people were supposed to see a mermaid and the right-brained people were supposed to see a fish. Turns out, Twitterati saw a donkey, instead.

Of course, people reacted. And, it went like:

Then there were others – jo baithe baithe bore huye, toh karna hai kuchh kaam.

This is not the first time a viral photo on social media left people divided.

One time, there was a dress that was supposed to be perceived as white and gold or blue and black. I kept it to myself, but – mujhe toh green dikh rahi thi.

The Independent

Then there was the case of a sneaker, which divided people. Honestly, this just looks like a plot from some film where the evil mastermind plans on dividing the world. 


Zyada matt socho, acceptance ke liye – lie about what you see.