If you pretend to sleep the moment your mom/dad enters your room unannounced at night, then you might not want to miss this.


A photo of a horse faking its sleep has caught our eyeballs on Twitter and is going viral across social media platforms. Named as “Sugar” (cute, right? we agree), the brown-coloured horse can be seen taking rest while sunbathing as it lies on the grass, so peacefully. 

The picture was shared by Twitter-verified Jim Rose, a modern-day circus performer. He introduced Sugar as the female horse who ‘doesn’t like to be ridden’.

If Sugar is approached with a saddle she lies down and pretends to be asleep. Sugar refuses to open her eyes until the riders leave 

-Jim Rose

(Yes, most of us try the same tactic till the moment our parents leave our room at night, thinking, oh! My baby is asleep, isn’t it?) 

In case you aren’t aware about horses, it is believed that this four-legged animal weighs more than 500 kg and so their legs need rest. While they can sleep standing up, as per a study published by University of Adelaide, scientists claim that horses need to lie down to take rest. It is mostly seen when the horses are in deep sleep.

Meanwhile, netizens have termed Sugar as their “spirit animal”.

…and some of them also posted their own versions of it. A Twitter user shared a clip of a cat wearing a life jacket and behaving like a fainted goat.

Well, while the viral photo is real, its narrative is a product of Webaqoof! We aren’t saying it, American illustrator Lisa Hanawalt claims that it is a stock photo as she shared a proof of it. But in the spirit of solidarity with everyone who loves a nap, we are willing to accept the story.

When was the last time you faked your sleep when your mom asked you to fill that bottle and put it in the fridge?