We would all agree when someone said that college life is a definite step up in fun compared to when we were in school. But if you stay in your college’s hostel, then that fun gets multiplied by a factor of 10! From collectively hating the mess food to late night sneak outs, here are a few things only hostellers would understand.

1. Getting good food at the mess is like Leonardo DiCaprio getting an Oscar. He totally deserves it, but never gets it.

2. You master the art of time management. And teleportation.

Despite getting up at 9.58 A.M., you can magically appear in the classroom by 10 A.M., that too after having breakfast.

3. The most common question that is asked in your hostel is, “Y aar, net chal raha hai kya?”


4. Your face when you’re half way through your shower and the water goes out.

5. Ghiya for dinner at the mess? Not a problem. Let’s go crash a wedding!


6. Maggi for you is what nonsense is for KRK. You just can’t live without it.

You feel the ‘ meri 4 baje waali Maggi ’ ad was made just for you.


7. The hostel guard is the most important person in the hostel.

The guy has saved your ass so many times. And you have gratefully returned the favour with a bottle or two.

8. Your fellow hostellers give you a grand welcome whenever you return from home, but it’s not for you. It’s for the awesome goodies that your parents sent with you.

9. You have now become a pro at washing clothes. You just leave them in a bucketful of water overnight, and voila!

10. You have smuggled mess food; no matter how bad it is, into your room to scarf it down like a dog later during the night.

11. You have a hard disk full of movies that you collected from all your friends’ hard disks.

12. The kettle has been your constant companion and best friend.

13. Room-hopping is your favourite pass time.

You go room-hopping at night whenever you get bored.

14. Group study sessions are always a disaster.

There is always the one who says, “Oye, ab aadhe ghante tak koi nai bolega,” but to no avail.

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