Now that Coronavirus as well and truly spread and all of us are in danger, one of the things that doctors and medical professionals have asked us to do as a precaution is not touch your face.

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See, that is good advice. Use your elbows in case your sneeze or cough or better even, use tissues and throw them away in a closed container.

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That sounds about right. It shouldn't be that tough to do, right?

Yeah? Then why don't you fucking do it, braveheart?

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We people touch our face every day, all day. Literally, from wiping off sweat and just touching my face (it's my face, I can do what I want), I do it all day. As I am sure, so do you.

I mean, I eat with my hands. I stuff food into my mouth. The hell I am supposed to do? Use a spoon for biryani? WTF!

Maybe, I could have stopped it, if nobody had told me to stop it.

But it's like an itch on the nose. It just grows every time someone says, 'don't scratch your nose'.

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What am I supposed to do? There's a fly on my face. Should I ask him for rent? No, I wanna swat the life out of him.

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It's so difficult not touching your face! How am I supposed to do a facepalm whenever someone says something stupid, which, in this age of WhatsApp University, happens quite often!

Facewash bhi nahi lagaaun kya bro? Pimples aa jaaenge. We are not Modi ji. Sweat does nothing to make our faces shine!

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And apparently I am no the only one with this problem. We are a legion.

Also, what are people with glasses supposed to do? Die?

Preach, brother!

This is so damn difficult, man. Get a vaccine already!