We are Indians and we are united in all our diversity. There are certain traits which every Indian, irrespective of religion and caste, imbibes and practices throughout his/her life. And one such trait is purchasing stuff at the spur-of-the-moment and then not using it, for reasons only understood by Indians. Here are 12 such things which we purchase but don’t end up using:

1. Convection microwave ovens (for grilling, baking & roasting)

So you have a microwave. Beg your pardon, a CONVECTION microwave! Which means you can now bake cakes, grill chicken and prepare scrumptious tandoori paneer with the god-sent appliance. But what have you been actually doing with it? Heating gas stove-cooked aloo-gobhi in it. Go on people, explore your possibilities!


2. Gym membership

Most of our weekends start with a resolution to get fit, starting with the upcoming week. This sudden rush of fitness also pushes us to make the tedious journey to the nearest gym and get ourselves a membership. However, by the end of the week, you already know that money will come and go but it’s the lost hours of sleep that matter in life. Catch some more while you still can.


3. Treadmill and Dumbbells

So what if you couldn’t drag yourself to the gym? Drag the gym to your house! After all, we are Indians and we like to work out at our pace and place. However, we are also quick to realise that life has a lot to offer other than a strengthened core and bulging biceps. Oh by the way, don’t forget to remove the washed underwear from that treadmill. It must have dried by now.


4. Yoga DVDs

India is considered to be the land of yoga and seduction, so basically Shilpa Shetty’s yoga DVD is just what we needed to serve our purpose. However, for once, it’s not our fault for not being able to follow what these Yoga DVDs show, because men are busy ogling at the host while women are busy sulking in a corner. Ultimately, Yoga DVDs also lie in a silent corner of our houses like a lot of other stuff that we buy. As for Baba Ramdev, didn’t he take up politics?


5. Fitness Apps

So the gym didn’t work out and neither did the treadmill. So what? We’ll go run in the park and guess what? We’ll keep a tab on the miles we ran and the calories we burnt, all thanks to the amazing apps that we have on our phones. On second thoughts, let it be, the damned app sucks up a lot of battery.


6. Swiss Knife

Indians like to believe that they are tough. And what do tough people usually carry with themselves? Yeah, a Swiss Knife! However, it’s just that life in India doesn’t really give us an opportunity to show our tough side. So, all those dreams of using different attachments for different purposes go down the drain while the best you could still do with it is offer your mom help in peeling carrots.


7. Vacuum Cleaner

When vacuum cleaners hit the market, Indians seemed like the most enthusiastic lot! Not because our households are the dirtiest but because we finally had something new to distribute as Deewali gifts! Jokes apart, the actual reason is that we Indians don’t like to make lives easier for our maids and hence, the vacuum cleaners can go sleep in a corner. After all, what are we paying our maid for?


8. Fancy Trimmers

Arjun Rampal endorses them and so does Arjun Kapoor. Kuchh to pakka hoga yaar in mein! But the damned ad didn’t tell us that the stupid thing had to be charged for 10 hrs straight to give a backup enough to trim half our face. So are you gonna step out in the world today as the two-faced Harvey Dent or get a good old shave done at the near by -salon? India has decided and the verdict is, bye-bye trimmers!


9. Expensive Pens

What is that one thing Indians hold so close to their heart that they never use it? A Mont Blanc! Indians sure love to own everything expensive in this world, so how can luxury pens be behind. But thank god, pens don’t come with manufacturing dates or else we would be buying a new one for signing every marriage envelope!


10. Books

Indians love to believe that they read, a lot. So we buy, order and gift a lot of books, because it is cool, isn’t it? Well, the truth is that we love reading and buy books thinking that we’ll get around to reading them eventually. Don’t believe me? Try to recall the name of the last book you read? I rest my case!


11. Apple gadgets

We are the modern day Indians and we enjoy access to the modern technology present in the world today in the form of Apple products. We buy iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, and explore the endless possibilities of these devices by using the media player… alarm clock… and at most, Google Chrome! What matters is, we use them!


12. Designer clothes (smaller than your size)

Being fit someday and getting into a skimpy designer wear is a hope which is holding the world together, right now. And where there is a will, there’s a ‘bill’! We all buy clothes in our lives which we know do not complement our body type but we still buy them. Call it a rant of a hurt ego or the effects of showroom lights that we carry them home happily, only to face the ugly truth from our family and friends. What happens next? We stack our newest purchases into the depths of our wardrobes and wait for the world to become a better place to live in.


Kyunki dil hai Hindustani!