When you are on an auto ride on an empty street with trees on both sides at 8 in the evening, feeling like someone’s gonna mug you, you must have wondered, how did Noida come into being? Who made this chaotic pit of concrete, and potholes and wayyyy too many labradors? 

Well, I am not a journalist, so I am not going to go find out. Instead, I am going to talk about a comedian who’s figured it out. The main man, Rohan is an RJ at Radio FM and he’s gone and made an Instagram reel about the creation of Noida and its many, many sectors. 

In the video, Rohan makes fun of how the numbering of Noida’s sectors and how sectors 1 and 85 can literally be next to each other. He literally says the dude in charge must have been like, “We made a city this big, what if someone just comes in a straight line and sees everything and goes back!”


Another excellent point Rohan makes is about the presence of thekas pretty much everywhere, which if you have lived in Noida as a young man seems like a good idea but as you get older, there are a lot of “Oh, noooo” happening inside your conscience. 

The Financial Express

People have obviously been loving this shit!


Well, if you don’t live in Noida, then you probably are laughing at these jokes. If you have lived in Noida or continue to do so, you can call Delhi Police at 100 and they can come, rescue you.