It’s amazing how something so fundamental can be so excruciatingly difficult. I’m not talking about kissing, people. Kissing is the easy part. Getting someone who’ll let you kiss him/her is the tough part. And how do you get that someone? By being a really good kisser, folks. As you can see, even Obama hasn’t fully mastered the art as yet.

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Hence, this WikiHow page on how to French kiss. Everybody loves French guys. So I’m assuming they’ll love the French kiss as well, right?

But before we learn how to do it, let’s take a look at how NOT to French kiss.




Hell no.


Way off the mark, bro.


Well, if you too don’t wanna end up like these guys shown above, all you need is this:


The page gives you a step by step briefing of how to go about the process. Right from maintaining the softness of your lips.


Also, what all foods you should avoid before kissing. Notice the special mention of onion and garlic.


Now you don’t wanna end up like this awkward couple here, do you?


Hence, the importance of the correct angle. You know, so that you don’t end up sucking on her nostrils.


Make sure you make eye contact. With her eyes, you perv.


Don’t be in a hurry to use that tongue of yours. You’ll have all the time in the world to explore your partner’s mouth. Start gentle.


Also, make sure you open your mouth just the optimum size. Not too wide, not too narrow. Just the optimum size. Like this intelligent cartoon right here.


And then, explore your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Like really, explore it. Imagine you’re Dora the explorer.


Keep an eye out for your partner’s body language. Everybody kisses differently. Therefore, you must change your technique according to your partner’s requirement.

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Hope these tips will come in handy the next time you decide to get cosy with your partner. But just in case you need some more training, you can always check out the wikiHow page.

And no guys, nobody paid us any amount of money to run this article. We did this because we genuinely want you to become a better kisser. Happy kissing!