Honestly, HR executives in companies are undervalued, a lot. Just because you see them sprout out of nowhere during festivals to draw beautiful rangolis in offices doesn’t mean they’re dormant the rest of the year. I mean, they also have this heavy task at hand to send a birthday mail to every employee!

Enough of the gags, these 11 HR professionals reveal the strangest complaints they’ve received from employees, proving that their job isn’t easy.

1. “I had a woman working a production line complain that everyone was copying her work. They were all tasked with packaging the same objects and given the same training on how to do it, so…”

2. “Employee threatened to file a discrimination lawsuit because as a pescatarian she should be allowed to microwave fish in the break room.”

3. “We used a retention pond that would fill our toilets with rain water. It generally looked cloudy but sometimes was tinted brownish if a storm had churned up the pond.

Employees constantly complained about not having clear water to eliminate into.”

– SJExit4

4. An employee is in her 40s and has worked here, and has been getting those deductions, for 5 years…yet she says- I just looked at my paycheck and you guys made a mistake. You took out social security and disability and I am not on social security or disability. This is ridiculous. Please correct it today.”

5. “Employee got her nipple pierced and it was infected and she took a coworker to a room to show her without warning because it hurt. A coworker told me HR, she was offended by the nipple, just how the infection was gross. It was oozing and disgusting. Had to tell an adult employee you can’t go around showing people your infected boob and somehow that was my fault her nipple was infected.”

– msk9811

6. “I got two complaints within the same year of (different employee): 

1. Employee masturbating in the supply closet.
2.  Employee masturbating in his cubicle.”

7. “I had to ask a employee to refrain from calling female employees “dear.” He followed up with an email quoting Title VII stating he was being discriminated against by the female employee because he was male and Canadian. He went as far as to ask her if she addressed letters with “dear…” which is why he claimed discrimination.

He couldn’t wrap his head around that if he was willing to call all the sexes dear (as she did when addressing letters) that it probably wouldn’t have been an issue. Fortunately, it fizzled out pretty quickly and he no longer calls the female employees dear.”

8. “This week…. I had an employee come and give me a very long-winded complaint about how the bathroom floor is sloppy when it’s wet.”

9. “Employee came to me and said the student employee that sits near her had a picture of a “guy from a TV show about pedophiles” hanging in his cube. I went over to the cube and it was a picture of the dad from Abducted in Plain Sight. It was interesting explaining to his manager why it wasn’t appropriate.”

10. “Someone was once offended by another employee describing a busy workday as ‘balls to the wall’.”

11. “Had a guy call in a complaint about racism the other day.  He was white.
The supervisor he was reporting was white

They are the only two white guys on an entire job of 35 people.”

Damn, and we thought their job was a piece of cake!