Humans of New York started off because it was an honest outlook of life through the eyes of different New Yorkers. Brandon Stanton’s Facebook page went viral and gave birth to a lot of other spin-offs. Even in India, we now have similarly themed Humans of Bombay and Humans of Delhi. There are also parody pages like Goats of Bangladesh and Humans of Jharsa that have established a fan-base of their own. 

On the same lines of satire, there’s another page from the students of the University of Delhi who use the same template to take a jab at pretentious photographers. Humans of Delhi University takes a known format and takes it to a whole other level of funny. It’s not just the posts they upload, but also the comments posted by dedicated fans that make the page.

Here are a few of their best uploads – 

1. I wish I could say this more often

2. That joke is weirdly accurate

3. Hudd hudd Dabangg

4. Winning at Lady Shri Ram is no fun

5. Someone is comfortably dumb

6. Very profound

7. That’s candid photography at its best

8. #JustDUThings

9. Y u do dis?

10. Even I don’t know how that sounds

11. That’s some solid advice

12. Do you see Adele rolling in the depth of this?

13. *Passes the joint*

14. I don’t even…

15. Tumblr4lyf

16. Mind=Blown

17. Such a great bad pun

18. This pun is even worse

19. Extremely relatable

20. The truth has been spoken

21. I’ll add that to my bucket list

22. It’s sad how accurate this is

The best thing about this is the fact that the page started as a joke in this video:

Let’s hope that the page keeps producing gems like this. What started as a joke has definitely snowballed into something great.