After ‘Humans of New York’ page on Facebook went viral and the creator, Brandon Stanton, got a huge funding by the UN to travel the world for his dream project, many people around the world started pages using the same format. Some were genuine efforts to mimic the photo-blogger, while some others went on a trolling spree.

Here’s one such page, we believe, is trolling four cities at once, ‘by the power of the Internet’! Presenting to you:

To get a clue of what we mean by trolling, have a look at the cover image:

They feature people with class.

For good rhyme and reason

They’re damn serious, because life’s not a game

They feature people with guts

And connections

Some of these people are desirable

Some are possessive

And some are just out of the world

They have ‘Sahil Liplocker’

And ‘Styloe Punk Sunny’

And ‘Hangover Romeo Singh’

They are so liberal, they sex chat with fans

And promote ‘Indian Culture’ by covering women with clothes

They might just solve the Kashmir problem

But some of their fans are wild

And paranoid

And super-human

And suicidal

And terrorist-y

But others are non violent and cool

Really cool

Really Really cool

God Bless Humanity! Check out Humans of Jharsa, Wazirabad, Kanhai, Ullawas on Facebook. Do your bit for humanity.