With Avengers: Infinity War in theatres, MCU completed its 10 years of existence. 10 years of awesomeness for that matter. And while the stories involved complicated characters and dark plots, Marvel maintained its humour content just enough to give us the giggles without killing the films. 

1. Captain America: Civil War

Dude seriously? Homework’s your excuse?


2. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Steve is so done with Tony!


3. Thor: The Dark World

Basically every sibling fight ever.

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4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Steve’s right. The elevator’s not worthy.


5. Ant-Man

In hindsight, that worked out pretty well for him.


6. The Avengers

Did anyone know Agent Coulson’s name before this scene?

We heart it

7. The Avengers

For the uninitiated, this is supposed to be a heated argument.


8. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

Hey hey, Pandas are cute, okay Dumb Lord!


9. Guardians of the Galaxy

2 movies down the line he masters the art of being so slow that he is rendered invisible to the human eye. 

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10. The Avengers

It’s just funny to see Stark own Loki. 

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11. Dr. Strange

I wish we had more people like him in real life.


12. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

Yeah Quill. Your dumb ass is pathetic. 


13. Iron Man 2

Samuel L Jackson has been with hundreds of snakes on a plane but this has to be weirdest thing he’s had to say.


14. Thor: Ragnarok

Nobody has ever been this happy to see the Hulk. 


15. Avengers: Infinity War

Jesus, Peter!

16. Avengers: Infinity War

Yeah Bruce. You’re being a bad wingman.

17. Iron Man

In retrospect, that fun V turned out quite well for Mr. Stark.

18. Captain America: Civil War

Mr. Parker’s on the younger side. 

19. Avengers: Infinity War

I know, I waited for this to happen!

We know that we have missed out a lot of jokes that you might have liked. So feel free to let us know in the comments.