The hustle culture bros keep tripping over grind so hard that they stop making sense. In a TikTok video going viral on Twitter, a grind influencer talks about how he lives 21 days a week, and people are amused. Cos his logic is funny.

Shared by writer James Hennessy, the 34-second clip — intended to give that dopamine push — has utterly perplexed Twitter users. The influencer called people crazy to think a day is 24 hours long. He shared his day is 6:00 AM to noon, and his second day is from noon to 6:00 PM. This way, he lives 3 days a day and, by that logic, 24 days a week.

It’s funny how ‘hustlers’ concoct random sentences in a pompous way and pretend to be winning at life. That man literally called the 24-hour clock a traditional POV of time and labelled morning and afternoon as two separate days. Cos sure, stuffing 24 hour worth of work in 6 hours is highly productive and not unhealthy at all.

But Twitter is amused with the logic and how people sell weird shiz in that cliché hustle filter. For some reason, such videos always have some super-dude from the sigma-male-verse marketing his twisted take on life.

Have you manipulated the clock, or are you normal?

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