The BMC’s got eyes everywhere. You think they can’t see what’s going on? You think they don’t know the streets? They found this viral video about them in what I can only assume was seconds!  

RJ Malishka recently wrote a track about about the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) called Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nai ka (Mumbai, don’t you have faith in BMC). A little later, all hell broke loose.


The BMC is now in a furious battle with this woman and it’s causing complete pothole pandemonium in Mumbai. People have accused the Shiv Sena controlled organisation of blatant bullying, of extreme pettiness, of goondagiri. But if you think about it, they’re doing their job perfectly. Let me explain.

The BMC’s is obviously the most efficient organisation, but they obviously had to prove it again (oh you!). They had to clean up their act, or at least clean up another mess. So what did they do? They swung into action and stuck her with a notice for mosquito breeding in her house within a day. If that’s not a fast response time, I don’t know what is.


Social media got a little antsy about them making unannounced visits, hell even Faye D’Souza joined the chorus of boos. But the BMC decided to do what they do best. 

They’re going to visit her house again today, you know, just to make a house call, say hello, drop off some food and maybe find some illegal constructions if they’re lucky! Isn’t that sweet? No other government organisation, in India or abroad, would make the time to personally visit the house of a complainant 2 days in a row. They really do care!

They’re also totally in sync with the new generation. I mean they’re active on social media, and they’ve got their eyes peeled for more songs and tweets that piss them off. 


Honestly, who do these concerned citizens think they are, calling them out for not doing their job? That’s the Indian frikkin’ way, man. You can’t expect a government office to actually respond to your complaint. That just wouldn’t be an Indian thing to do. And we all know what happens to people here who are un-Indian or anti-national, don’t we?