They say a picture says a thousand words. Not sure about thousand, but some pictures definitely do say a lot and you can hear it just by looking at them.

Here are some.

1. Entire planet's sentiment towards 2020.

the paragliding guy
Source: Social Ketchup

2. When you become who you hate (for no logical reason).

arnab drugs do
Source: Twitter/ Vinod Kapri

3. Kangana has said many things (way too many), but nothing has stayed in mind like this one.

kangana aapki adaalat
Source: YouTube/IndiaTV

4. To be fair, it was a close one.

5. Mood for this year.

you don't tell me what to do meme
Source: Vice

6. Never not in vogue.

himesh singing
Source: The Unreal Times

7. *Shudders*.

raghu ram roadies
Source: Zee News

8. One thing we never imagined Arijit saying.

ariji somebody fix this mic
Source: YouTube/Amartya Roy

9. I.C.O.N.I.C.

rasode mein kaun tha
Source: NewsD

10. People stopped eating fast food in Pakistan after this.

maaro mujhe maaro guy
Source: YouTube/The Memology


black car republic TV
Source: Free Press Journal

12. One sentence for everyone who doesn't understand the concept of boundaries.

i am not your yaar
Source: YouTube/alok singh

13. And the award for the most fearless citizen of India goes to...

bik gayi hao gormint aunty
Source: YouTube/Snacky Tuna

14. Meet a new guy. Talk for a few days. Get invested. Get ghosted.

Aap choronology samajhiye
Source: Free Press Journal

15. Dolly Bindra channeling every entitled Delhi guy during a fight.

dolly bindra bigg boss
Source: India TV News

16. Dude made his career out of one line. A Legend.

hotel trivago guy
Source: News Bytes App

17. The only person whose voice travels from Mumbai to across the world. 

sima taparia
Source: CN Traveller

No words needed.