Sometimes, somewhere in the corner of Earth, a moment occurs that happens to get recorded, and the Internet immortalizes it. These are incidents so strong, so deeply engraved in the library of our minds we never really recover from them. Not because they’re so scarring, but because they’re so damn hilarious that revisiting a mere glimpse is sufficient to crack us up.

hilarious videos

Somebody on X asked about such esteemed moments that never fail to arouse uncontrollable laughter, and desis have responded with the BEST.

hilarious videos
English Help Online’s

1. That moment when Kareena Kapoor has had it

2. Brutally blunt Shaan

3. Not young Saif Ali Khan showing up high AF for an interview

4. Moin Akhtar, the LEGEND

5. What is this behaviour, Pooja?

6. Katrina being savage AF

7. He really shouldn’t have gone for paragliding, but then…this gem wouldn’t exist

8. Not SRK enacting over-enthusiastic ad briefs he receives from people emotionally connected with their products

9. Arijit Singh from his villain era

10. When Yashraj Mukhate created a BANGER

11. When VFX takes itself so seriously

12. Ranbir annoying Anushka during ‘Ae Dil‘ Era was hilarious

There shouldn’t be a limit to such moments. They should just keep coming forever and ever.