In association with Amazon Prime Video

I’m an entertainment junkie and I can vouch for the fact that there has never, and I mean NEVER, been a better time to be one. Every other day, we come to hear of a show that’s got everyone and their grandmothers going gaga over it, and why not? With the kind of star power, writing and production value that the makers are putting behind them, they’re bound to be pure gold. 


And while the new age content creators are enjoying their moment in the sun, the first ones to discover hot, new shows also enjoy some serious bragging rights among the worldwide community of entertainment junkies. (Unless of course, they give away spoilers. That makes them jerks).

So, if you’re a fellow binge-watcher like me, this new video by Amazon Prime Video will fill your heart with pride. They celebrate the “Audacious Ones”; folks who look beyond the straight and narrow and do things their own way. They don’t care about what everyone thinks or watches, and truly believe that the best stories are still out there, waiting to be found. And when they find one, nothing gets in their way, be it friends, family or even sleep deprivation.   

Feeling proud yet? ‘coz there’s more of where that came from! Go ahead, watch the full video: