A few months back, a Twitter user named Martyna shared an illustration by an artist named Cécile Dormeau. Through the illustration, Dormeau confessed that she likes buying a plant every time she’s sad. 

Martyna shared the illustration on Twitter stating that she thinks about it often because she too likes doing the same every time she feels low. As proof, she shared photos of her green ‘friends’ on a Twitter thread and within minutes, the thread went viral.

Soon, other plant lovers started responding to her tweet with photos of their own ‘buddies.’ It was literally like one of the biggest plant lover parties online and I’m not even kidding. 

Take a look at these pictures.

People often like keeping indoor plants decoratively for a calm and peaceful environment and this is a growing trend. 

Houseplants are also known to have certain benefits like purifying air, sharpening focus and improving mental health. 

Indoor plants also tend to make breathing a lot more easier, which is why, nowadays more and more people are opting for indoor gardens. 

Are you also a plant lover? If yes, don’t hesitate to share pictures of your ‘green’ buddies with us in the comments section.