With the hubbub around the Rafale fighter jets finally touching ground in India, there’s been a deafening amount of cheering and chest-thumping. These are some potent machines, but they’ve also been embroiled in a fair share of controversy over the sale and the amount. Considering all the attention its been getting, there was one Indian product that just had to capitalise. 

Kanpur actually started manufacturing Rafale Pan Masala, ‘cos why the F not.

In fact, this went into production all the way back in October last year, even before the jets had landed in India.

Apart from the inherently bizarre nature of this whole thing, it’s also funny to note that the ad mistakenly depicts F-14s, and not actual Rafale jets.  

Damn it animators, you had one job. People online felt the gamut of reactions, ranging from disbelief to hilarity.

Things like this can only happen in India, and hey, I’m not complaining – it keeps us entertained and also helps our minds stay sharp from trying to figure out what the hell is going on.