In the age of coronavirus, we’ve seen all kinds of strange happenings becoming normalised. Abroad, people are fighting over toilet paper, they’re hoarding years worth of basic supplies, and people are using almost any means necessary to stay safe from the illness. 

This has meant that some businesses are taking advantage of the hysteria, such as this company, that claims to sell anti-coronavirus mattresses!

Someone posted an image of this newspaper ad on Reddit.


This ‘corona resistant’ mattress is apparently being sold for Rs 15,000, and is also anti-fungal and anti-allergic. The makers, Arihant, posted the ad on the Bombay Samachar

People had some choice reactions. Incredulity, mostly.

As ridiculous and funny as it may seem, it’s also sad that things have reached this level of misinformation. There is no evidence that a mattress can help protect you from coronavirus, and this honestly seems like just a twisted way to make money off people’s panic.