Every day on the internet we hear stories about common people getting something or the other from famous YouTubers. From fancy cars to Play Stations, people have been gifted some crazy things. 

Recently, an Indian user mailed YouTuber Marques Brownlee asking to gift him an iPhone. 

Life Wire

The user, who had been following Marques for quite some time, had an unusual request for the American podcaster and said:

I have my birthday coming up and I have an unusual request. 

Instead of fulfilling his demand, Brownlee shared the user’s e-mail on his twitter account and wrote: 

Please. I don’t have extra phones to just give people. Stop asking. 

Netizens soon started getting on the man’s case.

While many were simply trolling the guy for his request, 

Many rebuked the YouTuber for making fun of the poor guy and stereotyping Indians. 

It seems this wasn’t the first time Marques was getting one such request from a fan. 

Even though the YouTuber hid all the contents of the person who emailed him, he forgot to hide the country leading to a lot of distasteful comments on the post. 

This was a situation Marques could’ve dealt with swiftly.